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Use This Form If…

  • Your order has passed your paid turn around time. Orders are considered late on the 5th day after you ordered.

  • You have received a notification email from our system saying your order is completed but you didn’t get a separate email via. Smash with your download link to your voice tag.

  • You didn’t download your voice tag in time before the 14 day period and your download link has expired.

  • You lost your voice tag due to computer/hard drive crash. (Depending on how long ago you ordered from us, your vocalist may or may not have your voice tag on file.)

Keep In Mind That…

  • This form is not meant to request a revision. If you need a revision done, please click here.

  • Each form submission will go directly to your chosen vocalist in the form.

  • You will need to fill out the form again for each vocalist you are missing a voice tag from. Just refresh the page once you complete your first submission to your vocalist.

  • If you are missing more than one voice tag (even with the same order number), you will receive each voice tag in separate emails and at different times.