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808 Mafia

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  • MyMixtapez App
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  • Superstar O
  • 9Eleven Beats
  • Spinrilla
  • TAG Productions
  • Bravestarr Beats
  • High Quality Instrumentals
  • Epik Beats
  • and 2,500+ more of your favorite Music Producers, DJ's, and Videographers

Voice Tag Prices

Please review 'Frequently Asked Questions' for information on sales.






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Payments accepted by PayPal / Debit & Credit Card Only


Delivery Information

Please keep in mind we respond to each order in the order we receive them. Turnaround time varies by the number of orders we currently have in at that current moment,

Delivery / Turnaround

Up to 4 days after purchase. The delivery turnaround CAN VARY depending on how many orders your vocalist has at that moment of purchase.


All voice tags are sent to you via.

Be sure to check your primary registered paypal email address.

(If you have another email address you want us to send to, please say so in purchase instructions.)


Payments are non-refundable once your voice tag order has been emailed to you. You may only RECEIVE refund before it has been sent to you.


Not happy with what you've received? Say something! Contact your vocalist for a revision. You get one (1) free revision if your don't like what you have received and we'll give it another shot! We want you to be happy with your product.. We do this to help cover the non-refundable payments after the order has been sent.


Revisions are intended to fix mispronunciations/delivery/emotion of speech (the way we say your name), or unliked effects/fx that are done to the current phrase or name said for your voice tag. Changing the name or phrase of a voice tag AFTER it has been sent out will not count as a revision. You will have to order another voice tag if you wish to change the name or short phrase.


Revision Notice!

You have 2 weeks (14 days) after voice tag has been sent to request a revision. If 14 days has passed after purchase, we cannot take your revision request. You must purchase another voice tag from one of our vocalists.

Choose Your Vocalist

YOU CAN ONLY PICK one vocalist per order! Pick the vocalist you would like to be the voice of your tag! Listen to each audio sample to help you decide! 

NOTE: The audio samples below are examples of previous works we've done from previous clients, not for you to choose from and copy. Please be original!




Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What is a voice tag?
  • A: Voice Tags (aka Voice Overs or Beat Tags) are short audio phrases or scripts used by Music Producers, DJ's, and Videographers to protect their creative works & to let their audience know who is responsible for their work.


  • Q: When will I receive my voice tag?
  • A: Anytime from the moment you place your order until the next 4 Days after Purchase via. These hours CAN vary depending on how many orders your vocalist has at that moment of purchase.


  • Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like my voice tag?
  • A: Voice tags are ONLY refundable BEFORE the voice tag has been sent to your email. Once the tag(s) has been emailed, they are yours to keep.


  • Q: Can I shop with more than 1 vocalist at one time in one purchase?
  • A: No. You can only shop with 1 vocalist at a time for now on the website. This may change later in the future. As for now each vocalist on the website receives 100% of their own commission. So who ever you shop with, that's the person you will being shopping with 1-on-1.


  • Q: Can I change vocalists for a revision if I am unsatisfied with the original vocalist I ordered from?
  • A: You will have to re-order a new voice tag from another vocalist if you want to change vocalist. Each vocalist here at Voice Tag Gods currently make their own commission of sales. So changing vocalist will not count as part of a revision. You can only get a revision from the current vocalist you started with. 


  • Q: What format will I receive my voice tag in?
  • A: You will receive your voice tag in .WAV format. An MP3 format can be provided also upon request.


  • Q: Do you support background "Sound" effects?
  • A: Unfortunately, no we don't. We only do effects on vocals, such as stutters, reverse reverb effects, echoes, delays, filter effects, and things of that nature.


  • Q: Can I have a "DRY" version of my voice tag also?
  • A: Yes! You will receive your voice tag with both "DRY" and "WET-FX" versions. 


  • Q: If a vocalist is late on the turn around, who do I contact?
  • A: Contact the vocalist you ordered from FIRST by going to their personal page on the website and filling out the contact form on their page. If you are still then having trouble, then please go back to your vocalists page and contact them using the form on their page.


  • Q: Can I change vocalists after I have made my purchase?
  • A: If you are unsatisfied with your voice tag and want to change vocalist, then you will have to re-order a new voice tag. Changing vocalists counts as a new voice tag.


  • Q: Does it count as a revision if one of the vocalists mispronounce my name?
  • A: No, it's not your fault if we say your name wrong. Mispronunciations are on the house! It will also help us if you could email us a recording of your name being said if you have a difficult name to say. That will help us out a lot. 


  • Q: What payment methods do you accept?
  • A: We only accept PayPal payments. If you do not have a paypal account, then you can still pay by using a Debit/Credit card during the checkout process.


  • Q: Before I purchase, what if I don't like the voice tag that was done for me?
  • A: We have audio samples from each vocalist listed on this website. We provide you with the samples so you will know what to expect and the quality you will be getting back. If you are still unhappy with your voice tag, you are allowed (1) one FREE revisions of your voice tag from that specific vocalist that you ordered from. After your first (2) two revisions, it will be a charge of $10.00 per revision.


  • Q: Can we edit our own voice tag after you've sent it to us?
  • A: Yes you may! It's your voice tag. Manipulate it in any way you want. That is also one reason why we we email you a "DRY" version of your tag with no effects on it.