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What's a Voice Tag?



Voice Tags are short audio phrases often saying the name, brand, or slogan of a Music Producer, DJ, or Videographer to protect & to let their audience know who is responsible for their creative works. The length of a voice tag is usually about 3 to 8 seconds long and that’s with FX done in the vocal mix.

Voice Tags are also Known As: Audio Drop / Beat Tag / Vocal Drop / DJ Drop / Producer Tag

Voice tags are NOT copyrightable because alone they do not meet the minimally creative standard needed for copyright protection. To protect your voice tags, you will have to register them as trademarks.

If you’re new to what voice tags are, check out the video to help you grasp an idea of what voice tags are for.


NOTE: This video is for informational purposes only. We did not do all of the voice tags in the video. Can you spot which voice tags were done by our vocalists did in the video above? (Video Source: Genius)


Vocal Catalog

Serious clientele from our previous works



Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron


Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron

DJ Diddy

Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron


Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron


Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron

Superstar O

Voice Tags By Kriss Liss & Baybee T


Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron

Chuki Beatz

Voice Tag By: Kidd Arlynn

Menace Got Beatz

Voice Tag By: Chelsea Davis

Donis Beats

Voice Tag By Chelsea Davis


Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron

Young Kid

Young Kio

Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron


Voice Tag By: Knock Squared


Voice Tag By: Jaye Neutron


We've also done vocals for...

  • Taylor Gang

  • MyMixtapez App

  • Judo Beatz

  • Danny Wolf

  • CXDY

  • Fuse 808 Mafia

  • 16 Year Old

  • Epik Beats

  • 9Eleven Beats

  • Spinrilla

  • TAG Productions

  • Sledgren

  • K Swisha

  • and with over 10,000+ voice tags sold to some your favorite Music Producers, DJ's, and Videographers!


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