Our Revision Policy

  • Revision turn around can take up to 7 days.

  • You have 30 days after your voice tag order has been sent to you to request a revision. After your 30 day period, your revision request will be denied.

  • One (1) FREE Revision per tag, per order.

  • You cannot change any wording, name, or phrase as a revision. That counts as a new voice tag. You must order another voice tag if you want to change any wording of your purchased voice tag.

  • You cannot switch vocalist as a revision.

  • Orders where the vocalists cannot pronounce your name or phrase correctly can be refunded. That one is on the house! It's not your fault if we don't say your name correctly.

  • You understand that revision turn around may not always be accurate. Time varies on current number of orders your current vocalist may have that moment of request.

  • Please be respectful to our vocalists. Revision request can be denied if customer becomes rude to vocalists.

Please Take Notes…

That a revision DOES NOT guarantee satisfaction. A revision for your recently ordered voice tag is just allowing us to give another shot at trying to make you happy with your order. In most cases, most of our customers are happy with their order, but let’s be real, in business, not everyone will be satisfied 100% of time. If you are still not happy with your revision, then all we can do is apologize for not being able to satisfy you with your order and that we are very thankful that you gave us a chance & shopped with us on our online site. Revisions are free and voice tag orders are not refundable after you receive & downloaded your order.

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