Questions & Answers

Below are commonly asked questions most people ask us all the time & you can also see the answers to them. Continue reading to learn more. Have a question that’s not listed? Contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions about voice tags and our services. (LAST UPDATED: May 16th, 2019)


Delivery Questions

Q: When will I receive my voice tag?

  • A: This answer depends on if you chose Standard, Premium, or Deluxe as your service for your voice tag. Please review the delivery info or pricing page for turn around hours for these services. These hours CAN VARY depending on how many orders the vocalist(s) you picked has at that moment of purchase.

Q: What format will I receive my voice tag in?

  • A: You will receive your voice tag in .WAV format. An MP3 format can be provided also upon request.

Q: If a vocalist is late on the turn around, who do I contact?

  • A: Go to our contact support page and fill out the form to submit an email to our team.

Ownership & Rights Questions

Q: Does VTG own any rights to my voice tags? Can I copyright my voice tag?

  • A: VTG has no rights over your voice tags. Voice tags are NOT copyrightable because alone they do not meet the minimally creative standard needed for copyright protection. To protect your voice tags, you will have to register them as trademarks.

Q: Can I have sample used from a movie, tv show, or song as my voice tag?

  • A: No. All of our work is done with originality. We will not use any samples from other sources in our work.

Q: Do I have all rights of this voice tag? Can I use it in a commercial project?

  • A: Yes! The voice tag(s) is yours. Feel free to use your voice tag in any form you wish. We have no attachment to your voice tag. All we do is create the voice tag for you. Voice Tags cannot be copyrighted but they can be trademarked. You have the right to trademark your voice tag under your name/business name

Revision Questions

Q: How much Does a Revision cost?

  • A: Revisions are free. We do this help with the non-fundable orders.

Q: What’s the turnaround for a revision?

  • A: Turnaround time usually takes up to 3 days. This can vary depending on how many orders your vocalists has at the moment you submit a request.

Q: Can I change vocalists for a revision if I am unsatisfied with the original vocalist I ordered from?

  • A: You will have to re-order a new voice tag from another vocalist if you want to change vocalist. Each vocalist here at Voice Tag Gods currently make their own commission of sales. So changing vocalist will not count as part of a revision. You can only get a revision from the current vocalist you started with. 

Q: Does it count as a revision if one of the vocalists mispronounce my name?

  • A: No, it's not your fault if we say your name wrong. Mispronunciations are on the house! It will also help us if you could email us a recording of your name being said if you have a difficult name to say. That will help us out a lot.


General Voice Tag Questions

Q: How many phrases can I have with my voice tag purchase?

  • A: When buying a voice tag, you’re basically paying for your vocalist to say 1 phrase or 1 name and vocal fx to be added to your vocal audio recording. If you want multiple phrases, you will have to purchase again for the other phrase or name you want as a voice tag. You’re basically paying per phrase or name for your voice tag.

Acceptable Example: “Major On The Beat” = 1 Voice Tag

Invalid Example: “Major On The Beat” & “Major Shut It Down” = 2 Voice Tags

Q: What recording software do the vocalists use to create voice tags?

  • A: All of our vocalists use a variety of recording software. Every vocalist works differently and each one has a different taste in recording DAWs. Some of the DAWs includes: ProTools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Cubase, etc…

Q: Can I have a "DRY" version of my voice tag also?

  • A: Yes! This is standard with every order. You will receive your voice tag with both "DRY" and "WET-FX" versions with every order.

Q: Can I change vocalists after I have made my purchase?

  • A: If you are unsatisfied with your voice tag and want to change vocalist, then you will have to re-order a new voice tag. Changing vocalists counts as a new voice tag.

Q: Do you support background "Sound" effects? (Lasers, explosions, gun shots, etc.)

  • A: Unfortunately, no we don't. We only do effects on vocals, such as stutters, reverse reverb effects, echoes, delays, filter effects, and things of that nature.

Q: Can we edit our own voice tag after you've sent it to us?

  • A: Yes you may! It's your voice tag. Manipulate it in any way you want. That is also one reason why we we email you a "DRY" version of your tag with no effects on it.

Q: Could you create a voice tag using an audio sample from another source like youtube for example, and create a voice tag out of it?

  • A: Sorry but we do not sample audio or sounds from other sources, we only record with our vocalists from with our company. All our work must remain 100% original.

Q: My computer/hard drive crashed and I lost my voice tag. Can you resend me my files? If not, can I have another voice tag made for free?

  • A: We don't always keep your voice tag audio files backed up on our hard drives. Once we send you your audio files we STRONGLY suggest you back up your files on more than one external hard drive or use dropbox.   

Q: Before I purchase, what if I don't like the voice tag that was done for me?

  • A: We have audio samples from each vocalist listed on this website. We provide you with the samples so you will know what to expect and the quality you will be getting back. If you are still unhappy with your voice tag, you are allowed (1) one FREE revisions of your voice tag from that specific vocalist that you ordered from. After your first (2) two revisions, it will be a charge of $10.00 per revision.

VTG Vocalists Questions 

Q: Why does a vocalist have "SOLD OUT" by their name?

  • A: When you see the "SOLD OUT" tab on top of a vocalist, that just simply means that the vocalist is unavailable to take any orders at the moment. Just check back in a few days to see if we've removed the "SOLD OUT" tab from the vocalist. If it's gone, then they are ready to receive orders again.

Q: A vocalist's price is higher than the other vocalists. Why did the price change?

  • A: Prices on the vocalists may fluctuate up and down depending on the demand/workload the vocalist has at that current time. If a vocalist is behind on orders and are getting a lot of orders in, their price may suddenly increase for a few days. When the vocalist is all caught up on orders, the price will go back to its normal rate.

Refund Questions

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like my voice tag?

  • A: Voice tags are ONLY refundable BEFORE the voice tag has been sent to your email. Once the tag(s) has been emailed, they are yours to keep. VTG receives notifications when you play/download your files.